You are not a therapist

While I designed this course to teach you some handling skills and a deeper understanding of background information, it will not train you to work as a therapist. (If you want further tips in that realm, see the course

Instead, you will help your child with something that is much more important to regular child development: gaining experience in a rich environment.

I am often asked how to do it right, or what a "good" movement is. I think the video above shows a pretty good example. It is not about getting it right. Helping the child to put the boot on Its feet - getting a task done - would have deprived it of a lot of possibilities to solve problems, experience movement, play with balance - and having fun. This trying and failing is how children usually learn something new, and on many more levels than not getting the feet wet.

If you feel like it, get a boot and try to copy this child`s movements, and you will be surprised how difficult it really is, how much movement you will discover in your shoulder girdle, your neck and hips, and how you have to take care to balance your weight. It is actually much more difficult than the way you usually put your shoes on!

I don`t only concentrate on the outcome. It is the process that counts. If you feel that you have not achieved anything, or it did not work the way you intended - you might have gotten it right.

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