Day 2 Bending with the head left and right

Bending with a Twist

Today we will do a variation of a lesson you already did in Week 2: Bending 1 / Looking at the Bellybutton. Only today, we will do it with a small twist - literally.

  • if you don`t know already, find out in which direction the child likes to turn the head (by moving a toy in front of his/her eyes, looking for eye contact right and left). This is the direction we will choose first.
  • Put the child in-between your legs and find a good sitting position/height.
  • Gently turn the child's head and proceed as shown in the video.
  • Make sure to look for the very easiest movement possibility
  • Coming up, you can help your child into an extension, looking up.
  • In the "best bending position", look for directions back / forward / right / left.
  • Do not stay down for longer than a minute, then come up again and let the child sit up and rest.
  • Do circles.
  • Repeat with the child looking to the other side.
  • Put the child`s head on its arms and help him arch back and open the chest. (looking up)

Beenden und fortfahren