Day 4 Getting up: shifting the weight forward Part 2


Again, make sure the child is sitting well. (see lesson Part 1)

  • bang the feet on the floor
  • help the child to reach forward. Take some minutes to let his hands glide along the standing feet - this way the weight will shift forward automatically. If the hands touch the feet, the butt is ready to move up.
  • Now we want to get the butt in the air. The child can rest his torso on the tighs. Be sure the legs are in a standing position. Grab the pants and for a moment lift the butt, get down immediately. In the beginning, the emphasis is BACK! Use a toy or sounds to make this funny - a toy is better (dog toys are cheap and wonderful for this).
  • If the child is taller, you can have it leaning over your shoulder (stabilize the right knee with the right hand, put the right arm over your left shoulder)
  • Try slight variations. Here the child will need the rotations in the knees.
  • This might be enough for today. If your child is already able to get up, if clumsily, you can gently direct his head - gazing down all the way until it is standing on its feet, only then help him lookup.
  • Eventually, a small pull or guidance behind the armpit will suffice.

We want the child to know it will not fall forward. Remember the lesson about rocking forward on a roller? That was an important preparation for this movement.

Beenden und fortfahren