Day 5 Lifting the feet easily

Please switch to "full screen" at the right lower corner of the video to see my whole body.

This lesson is for children who are starting to walk or already walking. If you feel that this is still too difficult, please go back to week 4, day 5 - rolling up to sit. This is a similar idea of weight transfers.


  • Take some time to move the child`s head first. The weight of the head is what a child needs to balance on the top of the spine.
  • Help your child to stand and let it hold on to something for stability. The more stability it will experience, the more the spine will be able to bend and balance.
  • Help your child to lift one leg, then the other. It might be difficult, this is okay for now. We want the child to feel the difference.
  • Sit behind the child and put your hands on both sides of the pelvis, right hand to the right side, left hand to the left.
  • Gently move it a bit right and left, so the weight shifts over one foot, then the other.
  • Pick the side the child moves to easier and wait until the child is standing comfortably. Moving the pelvis in the tiniest, (almost) invisible circles will help your child to settle in a better position. It is more difficult to perform, but easier to perceive if the legs are further apart.
  • Lift the leg and let the child put it down again.
  • Repeat until it is very easy.
  • Go to the other side and repeat there.
  • Back to the first leg, repeat a few times less. (The child needs time to accommodate to the change and movement, but it should need less and less time until eventually, it would be able to switch fast from one leg to the other).
  • If you feel you can lift the legs quite easily, you can start putting the feet in slightly different positions, a little bit more back or forward, and shift the weight there.

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