Fun and Games: Fun and Danger

It is not hard to find toys and games for children to train balance - they are all around. Training balance is a huge part of child development. This includes all swings, roundabouts, bouncing and rolling movements, sleds... help your child to use as many of them as possible.

This is a part of childcare that fathers excel in. We are used to treating children with special needs with extra care, and see them as fragile. Some of them, or many at some time, certainly are.

But too much caution might deprive your child of vital experiences. If a child is able to stabilize its head (this is the most important factor), there is no reason it could not be thrown into the air by a father. It will probably enjoy it as much as any child and benefit more.

If your child cannot stabilze its head, but has no severe issues with its vestibular system, it might enjoy lying in a blanket that is held by two adults, swinging back and forth.

Has your child ever been on a small boat or surfboard, even if sitting in a wheelchair? Could you carry it on your back, and then glide down a slide, or jump with your child into a swimming pool?

I don`t know - it depends on your child. But try to find out, if possible.

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