Day 2 Adding Rotation to advanced Movement

In this lesson, we will repeat something we have done before: Rotation. Start in any comfortable position and look for possibilities for rotation in your child`s body.

  • Start small, with the fingers and the hands, toes, and hips.
  • Try to do very small circles with the hip - in sitting or lying.
  • Rotate the legs in the hip joints.
  • It is perfectly okay to work very small here - you don`t want to "do" a movement yet, but discover and explore the idea of rotation.
  • Do this for about ten minutes. If your child does not seem to like it, take many breaks. Rotations can make a child feel disoriented and dizzy, even if it is no more than a small turn in the elbow.
  • Now we will add something new: pick a function you have been working on (like rolling to the side, a transition from sitting or standing on all fours) and start looking for small rotations there.
  • Don`t do full movements, just pick one position and go back and forth there.

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