Day 3 Bending 1 Looking at the Bellybutton

  • Please try this out yourself first, for at least five minutes. It should be a pleasant feeling for yourself as well.
  • You are moving your spine and pelvis, not your arms.
  • The challenge is not to get down, or do a big movement, but to find where it is easiest to move. This is what we need the child to learn.
  • Do not worry if the movement is much bigger, or easier, on one side than the other. This is normal, with all of us. That is the way it is, we are not trying to fix it (yet).
  • If the sides are unequal, go with the easy side first, even if you think the other side would "need it more". That way, the child can already experience the movement as possible and pleasant, working on the weaker side will then be much easier.
  • Always switch between going down and up. Up is as important as going down.
  • This is more about moving the pleurae and lungs than about stretching the muscles. In fact, the muscles don`t have to stretch at all - the back muscles will have to let go and relax.
  • The joints that have to move are the hips, the vertebrae, and the tiny joints in between vertebrae and ribs.
  • If in doubt, go smaller. Try to find the best (=most easy) position, and from this position try to go right / left or forward and back.
  • Do not stay down for longer than a minute maximum, then get up and let the child rest a bit.
  • Do very small and slow circles there.
  • Repeat on the other side.

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