Day 4 Bending 2 Judo Roll


  • Find out the direction you want to go in.
  • Tickle your child (in the area of the abdomen). You want to see a powerful contraction of the muscles of the trunk, bringing elbows and knees together.
  • Try stretching and bending again, moving the child's spine in two directions.
  • You can sit either at the head or pelvis of the child.
  • With a heavy child, you can put some support under the pelvis, this makes it easier.
  • Hold the knees and start rolling the pelvis toward the face.
  • Pick the easiest direction. This is the most important part! Delicately feeling for the vertebrae that are already able to perform the movement is MUCH more important than lifting high.
  • By lifting the pelvis to different heights you target different vertebrae. "Higher" is not "better".
  • Watch the breathing. If it stops or the child feels uncomfortable, do less.
  • Do small circles with the pelvis at different heights.
  • Always go in the direction the child is already turning the head. Some children can easily bring their knees to the ears.

Beenden und fortfahren