Day 5 Extending (back) 1 On the Roller

This lesson will ideally prepare the spine for better walking and help with balance. Initially, just lying on the roller will help the back muscles to relax and get long, while the chest is opening.


You will need a roller or cylindrical object for this lesson. A rolled blanket can be used as well - but make sure it is a thick, rather heavy blanket, tightly rolled - it should not be too soft.


  • Look at the organization of the spine. Show the kid bending (down) and extending (up).
  • Think about rather involving more and more of the immobile parts into the movement than getting the biggest movement possible.
  • Roll the child on the blanket.
  • The Arms should be able to reach the floor (put some folded towels underneath if necessary). The whole pelvis is lying on the blanket (this is important). The head can either lie on the blanket as well (more effective, but more difficult), or on a folded towel in a secure position. Legs can be long or standing.
  • Take a break and play with your child - now the blanket is doing the work.
  • Gently roll the blanket a bit.
  • Lift the legs of the floor, pull the arms up a little bit. Do this slowly, the child has to balance its body on the blanket during these movements.
  • Gently let the child roll down after five to eight minutes maximum, and let it rest on the floor.
  • You can repeat one more time, no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Give the child a good rest (at the very least one minute). If you want to, you can then lift the pelvis one last time.

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