Day 5 On all Fours: Feet / Rotation in Knees


You can work with a child`s feet in any position. This will not only affect the feet but also prepare the foot for standing and protect the anatomical structure in weight-bearing positions. The musculature of the feet is closely connected to the musculature of the whole leg and pelvic floor.

Hands and feet are very similar in structure.

You can start this lesson by tickling or stimulating the child's feet, drawing a line along the sole of the foot, and touching one toe after the other (eventually with a toothbrush). Then put your kid on all fours, if possible.

  • Use a rolled blanket of a size that supports your child in standing on all fours (knees and hip joints bent at a 90° angle). For the first part of the lesson, the child could also lie on a box or blanket.
  • The head can lie down, it is perfectly okay if the child is either playing or resting on the roller. If it is possible to lean on the hands, that would help - but it is no requirement for the beginning of the lesson. The knees have to rest on the ground.
  • Start with one lower leg, lifting it easily in the knees, then for about one or two minutes see how and where you can move the leg (in the hip joint) or bend the knees and ankles. Also, try whether it is possible to turn the heel in and out. Go the easier direction and back into the middle first.
  • Do the other leg.
  • You can gently massage the back of the lower leg.
  • Try to find movements in the foot, folding the toes in and out, pulling them slightly apart, and then moving them in different directions - big toe up, little one down, and the opposite.
  • For the next one or two minutes, try to get the foot bending and stretching in the ankle joint. this joint moves up and down but tilts sideways as well. This is especially important for children that normally wear orthoses).
  • Repeat with the other leg.
  • Start gently rolling the roller back and forth, then add variations by putting the roller in diagonal positions.

This lesson will be continued tomorrow.

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