Day 6 Vibrations

For this lesson, you will need a vibrational toy. If you cannot get hold of a vibrator, an electric toothbrush might be an alternative. (If you don`t have one, skip this lesson for now and repeat it later).

Any vibrational toy will do - I like this one because it has good size - precise enough and easy to grip for a child. For smaller areas like the mouth, fingers, and spaces between toes an electrical toothbrush - possibly even without the brush itself - is a wonderful alternative.

Good to know

If the child is able to hold the toy, be aware that it might try to put it in his/her mouth. Take the vibrator in your own hand first, and let the child touch your hand - that is an easy way to let it know what to expect. If the child is afraid, don`t do it, and try later. Some children find it easier to stand (assisted or by themselves) with a vibrational toy in hand.


  • Run the vibrator over the body
  • Bring hands and feet together, or let the child hold it and help him touch in unusual areas.
  • The intense sensation will act on our kinesthetic sense like a flashlight in dark for our eyes.
  • Use the vibrator to feel the whole length of its limbs, and let the child watch if possible.
  • Except for the head and possibly the spine, go for the bony parts of the body. On the skeleton, vibration will be perceived more intense than on muscles or soft tissue.
  • Follow the child`s interest here. If your child has limited movement capacities, follow its lead and let it grab and kick any time.
  • Be sure to touch the back and the backsides of the legs as well, quite often our body awareness is not as acute in these areas.
  • You can switch between using your fingers and the toy - for instance for drawing forms on a child`s body. Can you feel this? Is it a line, or a circle, or zigzag? If your child has trouble distinguishing forms, draw them with the vibrator first, then with the finger. This is good preparation for writing as well.

Beenden und fortfahren