Last Day: What we have achieved


You have finished the course. Please take this day to celebrate - your child, but also yourself.

Watch the video you did before starting this course, and see the difference. Also look out for seemingly unrelated fields like improved digestion, sleeping patterns, stamina, and changes in the emotional realm - they could range from more playing, improved self-confidence, more independence in actions, but also time the mother is needed close by. Concentration might have improved, interests shifted to new toys, and for many kids, it gets easier to deal with everyday life - like dealing with stressful situations, new food, or frustration.

What to do now?

Well, this is up to you. You know what to do, what proved helpful, whether you want to go on or both of you need a break.

  • You could take a deserved break for some time and come back later.
  • Just look for something new and exciting. This course can complement and be complemented by other methods.
  • You could start the program over. You and your child will discover new aspects the next time you practice, and it will be just as useful the second time.
  • You can take what you found helpful and integrate it into your life as long as the child is interested - like touching yourself, interlacing the fingers, supporting the movement with toys - and feel free to forget the rest without a hint of bad conscience.
  • You can create your own course: Repeat the lessons you found most helpful, skip some of the lessons your child disliked or that you found too stressful. (But please be aware that progress sometimes happens in unexpected places). Enjoy the time you spend together, and concentrate on what is the real reason we are doing this: happiness.

Thanks again for your trust and commitment. I wish you the best of luck for a bright future!

Dore Steinert

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