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What I`m after isn`t flexible Bodies, but flexible Brains

Self-stimulation through movement plays a huge role in child development. By moving and playing we accomplish not only the action itself - functional movements like reaching, sitting, standing. Most of all, we get to know the underlying principles: How to take control of one`s body and musculature. How to perceive and process information. How to make distinctions and how to pay attention to them. Children`s sensory systems like vision and the vestibular system, but also emotion and mind develop in synchronization with movement.

More than a physical training program for the body, many special needs children require a training program for the brain.

This is my body

A six-week training program for special needs children

This program offers a unique approach to supporting your children beyond therapy. It is easy and fun to do - for you as well as the children, in just 30 minutes a day, anytime, anywhere.

Structured like a yoga or fitness online program, This is Your Body! offers daily exercises for specific topics, some routines to remember, and new variations for every day.

The videos will allow you to follow along right away, without prior knowledge - apart from the knowledge you already have: loving your child and knowing it best.

The program is based on ideas of the Feldenkrais Method, the closely related Anat Baniel Method, and Kinaesthetics.

This course is designed to support children with movement/speech delays and sensory issues, independent of their initial diagnosis. For further information, please see the page: How to use this Course

Week one to six will provide you daily with new ideas and exercises on how to work with your child. Before we start, however, there are some very important things you need to know.

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