Experiencing a movement

I know this is a lot of preparation. But PLEASE don`t skip this lesson because you are impatient to start helping your child - there will be more than enough material for you to work with. But this experience will determine the movement quality you will bring to the entire course - creating not a movement, but a learning experience for your child.

I can put a child`s hand on the shoulder one hundred times, and it would not necessarily make a difference. The child would learn to be moved. To move on its own, the child needs to understand all the steps on the way: his brain has to understand how to get there. This is what we are after.

The most important Statement about this Course

If in doubt, go slower and smaller. In the right area, the movement could even be invisible. 

For brain development, sensations are more important than mobilization.

"Listening" to a movement is more important than achieving.

 This is the only lesson you have to "get right".

Beenden und fortfahren