Day 3 Rotation of Wrists and Ankles

Before doing this lesson, you might want to check the lesson about rotation and handling skills


  • Start with the eyes and move something right and left. Make this playful.
  • If possible without problems, gently turn the head.
  • Lift the pelvis slowly a few times, bringing the knees closer to the chest.
  • Rotate the pelvis right and left, with the legs bent and lifted. You could also place your hands under the pelvis and rotate from there. (think about the bowl of water. Slow, small, and even is better than a big movement).
  • Find rotation in the shoulders, then elbows. (give the child breaks, this movement can result in dizziness)
  • Rotate the legs in the hips. Always go in the easy direction, and not farther than easily possible. If it is very easy, take the pelvis along.
  • Look for movement in the feet and ankles, if possible half on the stomach.

Complex movements:

  • If your child is able to lie (half) on the belly, rotate the pelvis by either taking the knee or pushing it upwards on the floor.
  • In sitting
  • Side sitting.
  • Touching yourself will always integrate and use rotation.
  • If possible, do not use your hands and arms - hold the child close and do the movement with your body!
  • Small circles will provide new variations, and stimulate the nervous system, this is always helpful.

This lesson will be continued tomorrow.

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