Day 3 Rocking forward

This lesson is really easy to do and doesn`t need a lot of explanation. You are basically helping your child to rock forward. The hands should be on the floor, the less support you eventually need the better. By placing a squeaky toy (possibly a dog toy) under the child`s butt, you can make this lesson a lot of fun for a child.

If you don`t have a roller of blanket of the right size, or want to do just some of these movements while playing, letting the child lie on your legs would also be a possiblity.


  • Start with the emphasis back. The child has to feel very secure here.
  • Gently start going forward. You can go all the way with the head on the floor to make the child feel there is no threat - but eventually, this lesson is about control and providing the child with the message: you will not hurt your head in falling.
  • Eventually, and if your child is able to stand on all fours, use less and less support, but make sure it feels safe. Start over with the emphasis of going back.
  • If the arms are habitually contracted, your child might walk before it crawls. You can adapt this lesson and do it on the elbow as well.

Watch from minute 0.40 to see the movement experience we are creating here - this can take about a month in child development.

  • If your child is already crawling, you might end this lesson with some extra support (using a towel under the belly for extra support) to make it feel safe.

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