Day 4 Hands hooked into toes

You can practice this lesson on the floor, on a blanket or carpet. It is important that the surface is not too soft. Make sure your child is sitting comfortably It can lean his/ her hands on the floor all the time during step one and two.


Step one: Search for the sitting bone. Take one minute per side, and just feel around the bony part of the bottom

Step two: Explore the feet. Help the child to hook the fingers in between the toes, and pull them gently upwards - first just the toes, then lift toes and foot by leaning backward. Do the easier side first, then the other. Take 3 - 5 minutes of exploring the toes, another two or three minutes to lift on the leg. Then start again with the second leg.

Step 3: Get a clear connection - help the child to hold onto himself either on his toes or under the knees, and shift your own weight to help the child lift the legs and to balance on his sitting bones. The legs should lift easily after the weight is shifted. Do this for another 5 minutes. Give the kid time to counterbalance it`s head while shifting the weight, this is more important than going far.

This lesson helps a lot with walking, shifting weight and thus lifting the legs easily. As a result of this lesson, the child started to walk more confidently, with way longer strikes, and - on my hands - wanted to run.

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