Extra (Day 7 Oszillations)


I wasn`t sure whether to include this lesson into this course. It can be very beneficial and should feel nice - if it is done right. Please first ask somebody to do it with you, and try only if you feel comfortable. Maybe do it the second time you repeat the course, so we will add that as an extra you don`t have to do right now.


  • First make sure your child is in a very comfortable, more or less symmetrical position on the back. Take your time with pillows (see the first lesson).
  • Put some padding under the knees.
  • Your hands are as close to the side of the neck as possible, in the area of the lowest vertebra of the neck or the first vertebra of the thoracic spine, or the first rib that connects to it. Don`t worry about it too much, as long as your fingers are on the side of the neck below the ears, you are probably doing it right.
  • Use the back of your fingers. first or second joint
  • Push only in one direction. Do not release completely
  • The idea is not compressing or shaking, but pushing down gently to find a rocking, bouncing, springy movement
  • Look out for a movement that travels through the whole body - from head nodding, the feet moving up and down.
  • Stop if the child is unwell.

Try for about a minute, then repeat 3 or four more times.

In the next video, I will show oscillations with a child. Try the ones on the side with the sitting bones only if you feel very confident.

In the next lesson, you will see a variation of this theme, but don`t try this all in one day - 3 or 5 times for about 30 seconds is enough. Better try to fit this exercise in now and then. If you still want to practice today, go to the lesson "Touching oneself" - this can never be done enough, and we will need those movements later for rotation.

Here is another variation for another day:

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